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tv   Wake Up Washington Inauguration Special Edition  CBS  January 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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i love this country. >> right now at 4:00, inauguration day 2017. donald trump has captivated the nation from the moment he announced his run for the highest office. >> it's been what they call a historic event. >> i can't wait until he gets into office. >> today, donald trump will be sworn in as the 459 president of the united states. >> ultimately, he knows what he can accomplish. >> from the capitol the to the celebrations, what you can expect as america prepares to welcome a new first family to the white house. it's friday, january 20th, 2017.
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good morning to you on this friday morning. a live look right now at the nation's capitol where later today, all eyes will be on washington as donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. good morning everybody. i'm larry miller. >> and i'm ellen bryan. a quiet scene right now. last night, that was not the case. >> move back! >> protesters grew rowdy last night, multiple fights broke out throughout the night. some protesters threw bottles at people. members of a group claim d.c. police officers responded by pepper spraying them. >> protests also erupted for what organizers called a day of re
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in michigan, demonstrations say they're worried about their future under the donald trump administration. >> i'm on social security. i got to stand up for my rights. they're trying to take my social security and medicare. that impacts my life dramatically. i won't lie down and take it quietly. >> and now that donald trump will be president, protesters say they are focusing on stopping his agenda. despite planned protests later today, i think the thing on everybody's mind is how the weather is going to hold out. >> yeah, and the weather doesn't look perfect. we will have rain. a yellow weather alert. but the timing of the rain is really critical because it's going to be right when hundreds of thousands of people will be out at noontime today. >> what about the parade? >> looks like we might be drier but still drizzle around. not ideal. starting out with the current conditions, towards
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tampa toll, 40 degrees right now. east winds coming in which will keep the clouds in place. and i want to show you the satellite and radar. look at the blob of rain eastward. that is moving in our direction. now it's going to be wetter north of d.c. than in d.c. itself. still tracking the rain moving into the area. let's time things out. 8:00 a.m., it's cloudy and between about 9:00, 10:00 a.m., spotty light showers will be possible. but here futurecast at 9:00 a .m., most of the rain still far west of the city. by about 11:00, it's arriving here and into noon, swearing in, 1:00, we will see rain over the area. now most of this moves out towards 3:00, the parade starting. but still, drizzle will be possible along with areas of fog. let's take you to the inauguration forecast here on the day planner. 9:00 a.m., stray sprinkle, most are dry until
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12:00 during the swearing in. 1:00, light rain. with temperatures in the 40s, it's not going to be comfortable outside. at all. so you are allowed to bring a collapsible coat-style umbrella into the main national mall security area. but those seated tickets i've been told, you cannot have an actual umbrella in those spots. 3:00 p.m., lingering showers for the parade. and we will look for the weekend in a bit. good morning, ellen. yeah, that was a game changer. when you found out you could bring small umbrellas, on instagram last night, he kept saying, wear a poncho. you can bring in the tiny umbrellas. traffic, you know, everything down by the national mall, look at this red. it's just closed down here. from the capitol down the tcstreh of the national mall to the lincoln memorial. so it's tight down. there i have been talking to drivers, 30 minutes two blocks. yodo
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there this morning. we have a little bit of water main work going on at university boulevard westbound by georgia avenue. and also some construction up by university as well at connecticut avenue. those are the only incidents i'm following not related to traffic closures for inauguration day. down by the capitol today, the best way to get around, metro this morning because every area inside this red box put out by the secret service, that includes the capitol and washington monument, the white house, you cannot get in there. even if you uber down, you have to be dropped off outside the box and then walk in. larry, wear good comfortable walking shoes today. actually, you are riding metro all morning. they opened early at 4:00. >> reporter: yes, i'm among the lucky ones who bo
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swe have been on the train for few minutes now. we are a few minutes into the hour or so ride to get into washington, to the inauguration. and this crowd is pretty excited. [ applause ] >> reporter: you know, i chatted with them earlier and someone called this the trump train. so folks are very excited and this is your best bet to get down to the inauguration. i want to talk to paul. you are prepared, ready to go, volunteering. so this is not your first. >> no. >> reporter: what do you have planned for today? >> whatever they want me to do. i am part of the non-partisan presidential inauguration group that volunteered. so i have done this twice before. i'm looking forward the to a nice day and hopefully quiet day. >> reporter: history in the making. tell me, going to come down the line, what's your name where are
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here? >> brian mitchell, atlanta, georgia, and to support our next president. >> reporter: what are you expecting? have you been to an inauguration before? why did you choose today? >> i have never been before. i was an early supporter of donald trump. and just real excited when he won and my family and i just decided the day after the election, we were going to come up here and do this. and we are excited to be here. >> reporter: thank you so much. folks are excited. and this is indeed your best bet. it's about an hour ride into washington, d.c. and some folks were lucky enough to get the smart trip card. now, you may notice that there was a little bit of stir up about this. we don't have the face of the president-elect on here. however, metro has made a concession and they are offering free of charge, one per customer, per rider
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as supplies last, they are offering sleeves with the 45th president on that sleeve. as well as the slogan, make america great again. i talked to the folks here and they did not get those at the stop. however, i'm told, at the 10 most popular stop, they are available. you can also and for them at union station gallery center and metro center as well. so that's the latest here riding metro, trying to hold on tight. back to new the studio. >> all right. thank you. and remember, metro is open until midnight tonight. every so often, the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms, and these moment, america has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because we,
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people, have remained faithful to the ideas of our fore bearers and true our founding documents. >> that was president barack obama speaking at his first inauguration back in 2009. eight years ago today, making history as he became the first african american president of the united states. and now it's donald trump's turn. >> yeah, he spent his final night before becoming commander in chief at d.c.'s union station. the incoming vice president mike pence introduced donald trump to the crowd of high- profile supporters. trump talked about realizing how many states backed his candidacy. >> a couple days after the election, and it showed the red counties, blue counties. and the entire country practically, another than a couple little point, was red. that was some big victory. >> now earlier, mr. trump celebrated with thousands of supporters
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the lincoln memorial. he sang along with lee greenwood to the hit "god bless the usa." >> and in past inauguration, there have been more than a million people along the parade route. >> and getting in and out of the area is going to be difficult today. plan ahead. here's what you need to know. >> reporter: inauguration day events begin at noon on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. with the president-elect and the vice president-elect taking the oaths of office followed by the inaugural address. there will be giant video screens and audio screens to stream the proceeds to the tens of thousands of people gathered here along the national mall. and more people positioned along pennsylvania avenue hoping to catch a look of the new president. viewing stands and bleachers will extend from 3rd street to 17th street as the procession and parade makes its
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the 1.5-mile route traffic lights the capitol to blocked all around the area. while you are out and about today, we would love to see your events through your eyes. >> you can post your pictures and video on our wusa 9 facebook page and tweet us on twitter. and you could wind up some of your photos on air today. and if you haven't done so already, download our free wusa 9 mobile app right now. it's your one-stop shop from the road closures to a list of what's happening around town. well, still ahead today on wake up washington, more than a million people will be in our city this morning. >> we look forward to seeing all of them. and most of them will be women. how they're coming together from all over with a wide range of views. and we are cloudy, dry right now, but if you are headed to the inauguration today, pack the poncho and a small umbrella. we are goin
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rain. we will time it out in a few minutes on wake up washington. i'm jan jeffcoat along with mike hydeck with a roof top view of the west lawn of the u.s. capitol where president- elect donald trump will be sworn in as our 45th president in a few hours. >> security is tight. all you need to know if you are headed down. we have it for you including the heweatr forecast. stay with us.
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the forecast is looking gloomy because we are looking at showers and rain incoming this morning. you can see them to the west moving through kentucky and west virginia. but by the time we have swearing in at noon today, the rain, light rain i'm expecting to be on top of us. starting off this the 30s to near 40 in d.c. and light winds out of the east and northeast at about 5 miles per hour. 40 under cloudy skies. what you need to bring today, pack a warm jacket. in the 40s through the afternoon. comfortable shoe, and a poncho or a small umbrella because look at this futurecast. take a look, 10:00 a.m., spotty shower. and then by noon, showers are likely. does look like we will be dealing with patchy areas of drizzle forker the parade in the afternoon hours but not as steady of rain for a lot of us at noon in the afternoon at 3:00 verses noon. so a lot of people getting dressed this
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ready to go. and ellen, they need to traffic. >> avoiding traffic is going to be tough the today. a lot of people saying, i work by the national mall. you might want to take a bike. it's possible. but you can't get through the security. metro, the number one way to get downtown. they opened early at 4:00 a.m. they close at midnight. rush hour service until 9:00 p.m. the massachusetts entrance is closed. use the 1st street entrance instead. coming up, we will look at other drive times around the beltway but most of the congestion is downtown. >> yeah, as we expected it. thank you. still ahead, how a singer is responding to backlash this morning after agreeing to perform at donald trump's inauguration. i'm mike hydeck along with jan jeffcoat on the roof of the canadian roof. just hours away from the inauguration of donald trump. >> from road closures to
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speech and the ceremony, more than a million people expected to crowd the area. we have everything you need to know coming up.
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now mother, sisters, relatives and friends are coming together to attend donald trump's inauguration and they have all some sharply construing views. here's more. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: teresa is chairman of the oakland county republican party, just outside of detroit. she and her friend pam williams -- >> you have your dress. >> i just stopped. >> reporter: are preparing for their trip to if nation's capitol to attend the 58th presidential inauguration. >> so these are the official tickets. >> reporter: and that's not all. >>
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>> and the ball. >> reporter: how thrilled are you that you have an opportunity to attend your first inauguration? >> it's an exceptional opportunity. to go and celebrate with these people, to have worked so hard to get donald trump where he is. and i'm truly looking forward to being able to say, yea, we did it. >> we still have a congress, members saying they're not going to recognize this ceremony. >> i'm hoping to give him a chance. he has promised to be a president for everyone, not just the people who voted for him. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: women who didn't vote for him, women who were shocked when trump turned a blue state red assembled just 30 miles south in detroit. they're preparing to attend the women's march on washington this saturday. she is organizing michigan's delegation. >> mobilized more than 5,000 women to go to washington, d.c. the day after the inauguti
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>> we saw a huge need for our voices to be heard in d.c. >> reporter: pamela wall signed up. >> why are you going to washington, d.c.? >> because i have to. if i'm not doing something, i'm going crazy. >> reporter: they fear a roll back of progress on women's issues. but they hope the rally sparks an outpouring of activism. >> when it comes to donald trump specifically, for those who support him and say, give him a chance, what do you say? >> we are watching. what we're doing is actually going to help him learn what are types of things he can do to help us. >> reporter: there are similar efforts in all 50 states. organizers say they have a permit for 200,000 people. cbs news, detroit, michigan. speaking of the women's march on saturday, i wonder what folks are going out there for the demonstrations, what they're experiencing in terms of the weather. >> well, the weather oi
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because it will be dry. but today we are focused on the rain chance which looks like it's going to come in right at noon when everybody is -- >> the timing is not great. >> not ideal. >> no, it's not. but hopefully by the parade, most starts to mover out. the people standing along the parade route, maybe a little drizzle but maybe not that steady rain. >> your hair is already flat today. already done. >> yeah, yeah. ponytails are acceptable today. they qualify under the dress code today. let's talk about it because timing is really going to be crucial today. and it's going to fall within a lot of people are standing outside for multiple hours at a time. 40degrees, cloudy skies and temperatures only rising to about 47, 48 this afternoon. now it's not uncommon to see rain during the inauguration. in fact, the last time we did did see rain is when george w. bush was inaugurated back in
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and the last 20 inaugurations in january, three of those, we have had rain and snow three of them. so be happy that it's rain instead of. and it's not really cold like it was at president barack obama's first inauguration. all right, first alert live doppler. you can see all the rain moving into the area. let's talk about the timing on futurecast. and now early this morning, if you're trying to get down to the national mall, things will be dry. but to about 11:00 a.m. this morning, that's when i'm expecting the light rain showers. noon today, near swearing in, 44 degrees, light rain over the area. this is not all heavy. in total, expecting .10 to about .15 of rain. so going to be a deluge. but it will be light rain and with temperatures in the 40s, going to feel cold and damp outside. rain is still around. 1:00, 2:00. hopefully at 3:00 when the parade is beginning, the rain starting to push out of the area but still drizzle and
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of the parade. and by 5:00 a.m., we will see things wrapping up. day planner today, 11:00 to 2 :00, really 10:00 to 2:00 for the rain chance but especially noon, 1:00, 2:00, it's going to be raining out there. and by 3:00 p.m., we see it clear out. tomorrow, the women's march on washington, cloudy skies. not going to see a lot of sunshine, especially for the morning hours and temperatures climbing through the 40s into the low 50s for that. now the rest of the weekend really not perfect. in fact, only a brief break tomorrow from rain. and by sunday, i want to show you what's heading this way. that's the rain batch through today. we go through tomorrow. 10:00 tomorrow night, we see rain arriving and around on and off for sunday and heavy at times sunday night, heading into monday morning. we have issued a yellow weather alert for sunday. the next couple day, keep
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for today. and more rain is on the way for sunday. 54 by sunday. today, 48. again, dress in warm layers and bring rain gear with you. dry tomorrow morning. ellen, what can i say? traffic, metro, trying to get down to d.c., it's a mess. yeah, a mess. and what's the worst thing in the rain is when your socks get wet. choose the right shoes. bull in the rain so choose those rain boots but also walking a lot because there's a perimeter every area outside the red. you will be walking to where you want to go this morning. so you want your comfortable shoes. tennis shoe, the rain is going to soak through. so pack an extra pair of socks. here's the perimeter that you cannot get into. ride sharing companies have to drop you off outside as well. you can take a bike. there's a
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leave the bikes. can't get them through security. and everything is shut down around the capitol. larly, just avoid the national mall. >> yeah, looks like a lot of walking. thank you. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo' is on u.s. soil to face charges for drug trafficking and other crimes. he was extradited last night and flown under heavy guard to long island. prosecutors say el chapo' built an empire supplying the world with heroin, cocaine and other drugs. the oakland raiders are one step closer to becoming the las vegas raiders. they have filed relocation paper work with the nfl to move the team to sin city. the next step in the process is a vote by the nfl owner, as soon as as the annual league meeting in march. thraiders need 24 of the teams to vote in favor of making the move. also trending this morning, an empty white house. folks on twitter
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as staffers tweeted out pictures clearing out the west wing to make room for donald trump and the next administration later today. one photo shows empty photo frames where all of president barack obama's pictures used to hang. the president will be moving into a new house in northwest d.c. pretty soon. i think within the next couple day, once he's back from vacation in palm springs. and a singer has been getting a lot of flak on social media for being one of the few r&b singers to perform at donald trump's inauguration. so much in fact that she wrote an open letter on twitter expressing why she decided to perform while many others are boycotting. she says she is willing to be a bridge to unify the country. >> a lot of support from other artists. certainly we can move past this and enjoy the day. >> yeah, hopefully today is calm and peaceful. still ahead, no poll ticks
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immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. all eyes are on washington. it is very quiet right now. but in a few short hour, the nation's capitol will be packed with supporters and protesters as well after a tense election cycle. we have our new commander in chief, donald j. trump. and what a ride the campaign season was. thank you for joining us on wake up washington. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. again, we are on the roof top of the embassy of canada, just two blocks from the west lawn of the u.s. capitol whereby noon today, donald trump will be sworn in as the president of the united states, the 45th president. let's get a check of the weathe


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